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Chilton Foundation Repair is an incredible foundation repair business that will help you fix all your foundation repair-related issues. We can help with bowing walls, shearing walls, foundation settlement, cracked brick, foundation heaving, sagging crawl space, drywall cracks, foundation cracks, foundation sinking, etc. We can aid with cracked wall, structural repair, concrete slab foundation repair, pier and beam or block and base, house lifting, void filling, retainng wall repair, polyurethane foam injection, among others.

Chilton Foundation Repair has free estimates for everyone. We also accept all major credit cards, and offer after hours inspections. If you need to know more, contact Chilton Foundation Repair ASAP.

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Our Services

Foundation Repair

Slab Pier Installation

Commercial Foundation Repair

Basement Wall Repair

Cracked Wall / Structural Repair

Polyurethane Foam Injection

Chilton Foundation Repair

Chilton Foundation Repair
Chilton, WI